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Suprika and Randhika’s engagement took place in the soon-to-be bride’s outdoors in their lawn area. The expansive venue allowed us to create a romantic environment for the bride and groom. It allowed us a lot of creative freedom to design the area, using shades like dark pink, bright yellow, gold, and orange for the décor.
We also incorporated some lovely floral designs into the set up by hanging sophisticated draping in blush combined with floral frames, patterns, and flowers to create something truly extraordinary. For the Gazebo, we decided to decorate it with orange, yellow, and fuchsia drapes.
We transformed the stunning Tuscan home into the perfect and ideal engagement venue for the couple. We really put our imagination to work by decorating an area of the backyard with blush draping, tied together with a colorful bouquet of floral tie backs, over a blush pink draping.
As night dawned, we turned on the lights, wrapped around the tall palm trees and hanging down from the terrace. We made sure the bride and groom’s special night turned out magical. We were pleased to have been part of Suprika and Randhika’s engagement ceremony.
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