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Affinity Celebrations, brightened the baby shower of Jalwant and Pankti Patel, using a beautiful color scheme of bright yellow, silver, and turquoise. The entire place seems lit up with smiles and laughter, as guests guessed the gender of the baby and suggested names for the couple’s bundle of joy.
A yellow polka dot with a message written in turquoise and enclosed in a turquoise frame encouraged guests to make their best guesses. For the stunning mommy-to-be, sporting a motherly glow, we customized the cake table adding bright yellow sunflowers and coordinating sheer yellow curtains in the backdrop.
The heartwarming celebration saw the couple cutting a delicious turquoise cake with yellow icing and a smiling sun on the top layer. It was a baby shower to remember! With speeches, dances, and balloon full of confetti, popped by the soon to be father, were the main highlights of the baby shower.
# Bright Yellow, Turquoise and Silver color Scheme
# Custom Designed to fit the theme

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