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Was this one of the most challenging weddings to create? Yes! But it was also one of the most exciting ones too. The couple, Ada and Ugo, wanted us to customize an indoor space, Marriot quorum in Dallas, into an outdoor space. To transform the space, we went with a vintage, rustic, garden, and earthy theme.
Alice in Wonderland became our code name as well as our inspiration for our nature themed décor. Two bourbon barrels supported our cake table, decorated with white bouquet of flowers, two champagne glasses, and a four-tier wedding cake on a wooden paneled box. Our imagination did not stop here, as we incorporated the theme into our sweetheart table.
The sweetheart table featured a stunning pink floral arrangement with a leafy green background adorned by three white square frames accentuated by blush pink flowers and two gold oval frames. The table, reserved for the families of the bride and groom, featured a leafless tree structure with branches extending from it and we accentuated the branches with clear beads hanging loosely from them
For the guest sign table, we went with the “Trash the Dress,” or as we like to call it “Rock the Dress” theme. We placed a white ladder beside it and placed the letters “Love” and flowerpots on each step. We place white paneled doors around the back of the dress and use green vines to decorate it. We were pleased to help the couple make the idea of their dream wedding a reality.
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