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We had a great time designing the traditional and Gujarati wedding of Chand and Sohum. The primary design focus was to create a traditional set-up that communicated the family’s Gujarati customs and values, but without going over the top with the décor. The couple wanted to keep things simple, yet traditional.
We ended up custom designing the mandap for the bride and groom, adding several floral touches. Behind the mandap , we used draping in light colors, featuring red and yellow garlands, accented with crystals and strung elegantly on the curtains in a horizontal and patterned fashion. The bride and groom’s chairs enhanced the traditional element of the wedding. The chairs featured bright and eye catching colors and designs.
The yellow, green, and red floral featured at the back and front of the mandap, complemented the entire theme. Since the bride was very meticulous about keeping with the traditional theme of the wedding, we made sure everything from the Ganesh entry, entry backdrop, to the aisle walkway communicated her theme to the tee. The bronze colored Ganesh under a red umbrella with two roaring elephants was placed on a table, featuring candles surrounding the Ganesh with two bronze flowered pots at both its side.
The wedding featured customary Hindu customs, making it ever so special for us to have them choose us as their wedding venue decorators. We were glad to make this down to earth couple’s special day even more special.
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